i looked at him. there was so much i wanted to ask him, so much i wanted to say; but somehow i knew there wasn’t time and even if there was, that it was all, somehow, beside the point.

‘are you happy here?’ i said at last.
he considered this for a moment. ‘not particularly,’ he said.
‘but you’re not very happy where you are, either.’
st basil’s, in moscow, chartes. salisbury and amiens. he glanced at his watch.
‘i hope you’ll excuse me,’ he said, ‘but i’m late for an appointment.’

he turned from me and walked away. i watched his back receding down the long, gleaming hall.
(not written by me. i do not have the source)

these pictures are basically the same, only the dof is different.
i love playing with depth of field. i love my f1.8 lenses very much.