Have you ever had one of those days when all the questions stink so you just move on and the day gets long and sad and you wish you had just faked the answers to the questions before but you figure, “hey, there’s really no time like the present” and all the people you see seem to be so much more about what you’re trying to be about and you really don’t think there’s a point to all that life has become? don’t you wish things were like the fifties again and you could go out to the roller skating waitressed burgerbars to get a chocolate malt and a side of chilly cheesed french fries and when the roller skating waitress comes out with your food she could lean inside the car with her mini-skirting long legs and say, “hey charley, maybe we could go to the movie house sometime and catch a flick” and you could say, “well sure peggy sue, that sounds like a swell night” and then you could turn on the engine of your 1957 cherry-blue chevy and it would say, “vroom!”?