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is precious love.

from the book “oh! my god! i miss you!”. it has 30 pages and each one is a postcard that you can pull out and send to your friends.
bought last christmas in amsterdam.


this is a very interesting book that i have.
purchased on a whim a while ago, from the “on sale” stall outside a bookshop almost in front of st pancras station, london. £4 i guess {can’t recall exactly how much i paid for it, but wasn’t expensive}.
i do not know why i bought it. maybe i liked the cover.

inside, there was very little text. most everything were visual and dinamic. several young people from several nationalities living together in several cheap locations in several cities of the world. and leaving their marks behind. and on each other.

i’m yet to make better pictures of my favorite pages.
the cheap book did not fail to cause an impression.